Best ceramic coating for car protection - protective for cars - Kevlar Coating

What is the best ceramic coating?

What is the best ceramic coating?

Best ceramic coating for car protection – protective for cars is an effective way to protect the car body. It protects the paint against splashes and scratches, brings out its depths and makes cleaning the car even easier. It is a perfect solution for people who value comfort and want to keep their car in perfect condition for many years. We can find a wide range of protective coatings on the market, thanks to which everyone is able to find a product tailored to their needs and capabilities. Sometimes, however, such a wide choice makes it difficult to make the right decision. Which coating should I choose? Here is an overview of the most popular products.

Car protective coatings

The automotive market offers us 3 main types of car protective coatings. These are ceramic, quartz and hybrid coatings. In order to protect the car body, you can also choose natural or synthetic waxes and a novelty on our market, i.e. the Kevlar coating. What should I know about each of these solutions?

Car wax improves the appearance of the car and gives it a fair amount of protection. Its main advantage is protection against weather conditions – especially strong UV rays, which may cause the paint to fade. It also helps to keep the car body clean. You can choose between hard wax and products available in the form of sprays or lotions. What are the disadvantages of this solution? First of all, applying wax is laborious and takes a lot of time. This product may not be sufficiently resistant to our weather conditions.

Quartz coating is one of the cheapest ways to protect car paint. Provides better protection than wax and can stay on the paintwork for up to a year. It has hydrophobic properties, which prevents mud, water and other contaminants from sticking to the car body. Quartz allows you to bring out the depth of the colors – especially in dark varnishes. Protects car bodies from weather conditions.

The ceramic coating is recommended for demanding drivers who are able to spend a little more on car protection. However, the high price translates into a high level of protection. This coating protects the varnish against minor damages and scratches, harsh chemicals and weather conditions. It stays on the surface of the car body for up to 5 years. When deciding on such protection, you should take into account the cost of several thousand zlotys. Another product is a hybrid coating, which is a combination of ceramics and quartz. Protects car paint against weather conditions and minor scratches for at least 3 years. The last type of coating is kevlar – this is a novelty on our market, so it is worth taking a closer look at this solution.

Which is the best ceramic coating?

Kevlar is a polymer considered to be one of the most durable materials in the world. It was developed for military purposes – it is used, among others, in helmets and bulletproof vests. Although it is confused with ceramics, it definitely exceeds the coatings available on the market. It has much better properties and is available at a very attractive price – which results, among other things, from the possibility of self-application of the product. Kevlar protects the varnish against the appearance of scratches, chips and pits. It is resistant to chemicals – including acid rain, road salt or detergents used for washing. Protects car bodies against weather conditions. It protects the car for longer than hybrid and ceramics. No wonder that in such a short time he gained so much trust of the most demanding customers.

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