The cost of a ceramic coating on a car - Kevlar Coating

The cost of a ceramic coating on a car

The cost of a ceramic coating on a car

Conscious car owners more and more often decide to protect their car’s body with an additional protective coating. However, many people come to the conclusion that due to the high cost of the service, this solution is dedicated only to drivers who bought a new car from the showroom. None of these things! A new product has appeared on our market, which is a breakthrough in the field of car body care products – the Kevlar coating not only provides a longer service life and greater resistance, but is available at a much lower price than traditional ceramic coatings. Thanks to this, it can be within the reach of anyone who values ​​comfort, functionality, reliability and an attractive appearance of the car.

Auto ceramic coatings – which one to choose?

But is investing in a protective coating for a car a good investment? Of course! People who have opted for this option at least once in their life have found out about it. The additional protective layer brings many advantages – it helps to keep the car clean and protects its paint against mechanical damage and the effects of chemicals. Keeping the car body in good condition is a big challenge – small scratches or scratches appear after a short time of using the car. Pebbles on the road and salt spilled in winter can cause paint chips and rust. Repairing major and minor imperfections is often very expensive and requires a visit to the painter – to avoid this, it is enough to cover the car body with a thin layer of a special preparation of exceptional hardness and wear resistance. Traditional ceramic coatings guarantee protection up to 5 years, while the service life of the Kevlar coating is even longer. After applying the product on the car body, an invisible layer of only a few microns appears, which completely isolates the paint from adverse external factors, reducing the appearance of chipping and scratches.

Moreover, the Kevlar coating has water-repellent properties. It is the ability to repel dirt and water particles, which prevents its destruction and allows you to keep the paint clean for a long time. As a result, the frequency of visits to the car wash is reduced, generating additional savings. As you can see, opting for a durable Kevlar coating is a great investment. There are other arguments that choosing this particular shell is the best solution.

Cost of the ceramic coating per car

The application of a regular ceramic coating is associated with considerable costs – usually it is an expense of several thousand zlotys. The price is influenced by several factors – not only the purchase of the product itself, but also the time spent on its application and the professionalism of the service provided. It cannot be denied that this is a considerable expense that can strain the home budget and thus discourage from this type of investment. Kevlar is a much more economical solution. Why? The product itself is available at a more affordable price. What’s more, due to the much simpler application than in the case of a ceramic or quartz coating, you can apply it yourself. No need to use professional services reduces the cost of the entire project. However, Kevlar is not only a more economical solution, but also offers much more than traditional products. This is due to the fact that it is one of the most durable materials available in the world today – it is used, among others, in bulletproof vests. It reduces mechanical damage to the car body and the formation of rust, scratches and salt pits for many years. The protective coating can be applied not only to the paintwork, but also windows, plastics, headlights and internal parts of the car.

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