The best ceramic coating for varnish - Kevlar Coating

The best ceramic coating for varnish

The best ceramic coating for varnish

Keeping a car’s paintwork in good condition is quite a challenge. Everyone who has picked up a new car straight from the showroom is aware of this. The feeling of excitement that accompanied him then was quickly replaced by disappointment when the first scratches appeared on the paintwork. However, there is an effective way to enjoy the flawless appearance of your car for a long time – special protective coatings. Protecting car paint with an additional protective layer is becoming more and more popular, and the automotive market offers us a wide range of modern solutions. Which paint coating will be the best choice?

What paint protection should be used?

Protective coatings are currently the most effective way to protect car paint. They are more and more often chosen for several reasons. First of all, they protect the paint against external factors such as mineral salts, moisture, insects and road pollution. They provide protection against paint fading, prevent oxidation and give a glassy shine, which not only looks very attractive, but also allows you to reduce the frequency of visits to the car wash. Do all protective coatings available on the market give the same results? It turns out that no, so choosing a specific solution should be well thought out.

The basic types of protective layers available on our market include ceramic, quartz and kevlar coating – which is a novelty among this type of product. The most economical solution is a quartz coating, which lasts longer than wax but provides much lower quality protection than ceramics. In recent years, the ceramic coating has also been extremely popular. Nothing unusual! It gives the varnish gloss and depth, making the car look as if it was covered with a layer of thin glass. Thanks to it, the car does not require washing and waxing so often and is protected against adverse external factors for up to 6 years. A novelty that quickly gained a lot of trust and stands out from other products is the Kevlar coating, which is worth taking a closer look at.

The best ceramic coating for varnish & nbsp;

Kevlar is one of the most durable and wear resistant materials. It is a polymer from the group of polyamides, from which artificial fibers with unusual properties are obtained. It owes its strength mainly to the method of spinning the fibers. It is used in many areas of life and industry – for example, in helmets, bulletproof vests, kayaks, parts of the armor of aircraft carriers and in the inner shells of skis. It is not only durable, but also about five and a half times lighter than steel, which makes it extremely practical and functional. How is it different from traditional ceramic coatings? Kevlar is definitely cheaper than them – even three times – and has better properties. It is distinguished by a much longer period of operation, perfectly protecting the paint against any kind of damage. It protects against corrosion, salt and the negative effects of chemicals and detergents. Its advantage is also the possibility of independent application, which lowers investment costs and, contrary to appearances, it is extremely easy.

No wonder these products are considered the best ceramic coatings on the market!

We are currently the only available company that sells them, offering coatings not only for paint, but also windows and the interior of the car. & nbsp;

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