Securing the car at home - Kevlar Coating

Securing the car at home

Securing the car at home

You are surely wondering whether it is worth applying a protective coating to the car body yourself. The advantage of such a solution is always lower costs, as well as the fact that we can do it in a time that is appropriate for us, and not determined by a mechanic or specialist. We are not bound by a deadline, but only our own time, which we can devote to securing the car at home. If, however, I have no experience, will I put ceramics on my car without any help? No, you can’t. You will make a lot of mistakes, you will waste the preparation and your own money. In this aspect, however, you can use less effective car cosmetics, which have fractional parameters in relation to quartz or ceramic coatings, or you can apply Kevlar to the surface of the car. What to choose in practice? Why will kevlar be the answer to your needs? Find out right here!

Self-securing the car

Is it possible and safe? Yes, it only depends on many circumstances. First of all, what kind of preparation you choose. Here, the so-called kevlar coating. Why? This is best shown in comparison to other protective coatings. In the case of quartz, foil or ceramics, i.e. the best preparations on the market, it is always necessary to visit the painter, which significantly increases the cost of the entire procedure. In addition, it is impossible to apply such a coating yourself, if you have never done it before. It is easy to make a mistake and damage our body at the same time. So we can use auto-cosmetics. The problem with them is that we can apply them ourselves, but they do not protect as well as the aforementioned products. They will protect the paintwork, but not 100%. Here, however, kevlar stands out. So the polymer, which you spread on the car body, protects for a long time, is four times cheaper than the most expensive foil and ceramics, and in addition it provides safety for longer than most commercially available coatings.

What is Kevlar, and is it worth using for your own car?

For years, this material was used only in the military industry. Not without reason, because the polymer has great durability and in practice is able to stop a projectile from a low caliber weapon. Kevlar is therefore the basis for bulletproof vests, helmets and anti-tank glass. So what if we use solutions based on it in the commercial industry? Polymer significantly extends the life of any surface it protects. As a result, the driver receives a coating that protects twice as long as ceramics or foil. The biggest advantage, however, is that you can apply the product containing Kevlar yourself and reduce costs on the part of the painter.

Put on the Kevlar yourself and secure your car!

Many drivers wonder if kevlar-based products are worth paying attention to? The answer is yes! In practice, they are simply new to the market and have not gained popularity like other solutions such as ceramics or quartz. Kevlar has a lot of advantages that every car owner will appreciate. The polymer layer protects the varnish even against scratches, and thus reduces the chance of corrosion almost to zero. Moreover, if you plan to sell the car in some time, Kevlar will increase its price. How? It will limit the exploitation of its bodywork and give it a shine visible even from the perspective of many years of regular use.

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