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Protective coatings for car paint

Protective coatings for car paint

Ceramic coating product for cars, trucks, auto, car protection paint. A car is for some people a tool that is mainly meant for travel or work, for others a business card and a best friend whom they care about. Whatever your situation, you would surely want your car to serve you smoothly for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, over time, scratches appear on its bodywork, and even worse, rust. In our latitude, the varnish is exposed to weather conditions almost at any time of the year. Can it be protected in some way to prolong its life and attractive appearance? Yes! Protective coatings for car paint are the answer. What is worth knowing about them?

Car paint coatings – is it worth investing in?

Almost every smartphone owner protects their phone with special glass. However, few people choose to protect the body of their car. But why is this a very sensible investment? First of all, it isolates the paint from the adverse effects of external factors, such as UV radiation, road salt, bird droppings, acid rain or other mechanical damage to which our cars are exposed every day. The extremely hard and durable layer with a thickness of only a few microns reduces the risk of scratches, chipping and scratches, which can be very expensive to repair. After the full application of the coating, the car is not only properly protected against contamination, but also much easier to keep clean. This is because protective coatings have hydrophobic properties – it is the ability to repel dirt and water. Thanks to them, all contaminants are less deposited on the car body, which reduces the frequency of visits to the car wash and guarantees the aesthetic appearance of the car for a long time. What’s more, the protective coatings protect not only the paintwork, but also windows, rims, plastics and even the interior of the car. It is also impossible not to pay attention to the amazing effect they provide by creating a beautiful mirror image on the body. The paintwork gains a special shine and the car looks unique and exclusive.

As you can see, protective coatings are the best way to comprehensively protect the car and its attractive appearance. However, a question arises, what solution should be put forward?

Protective coatings for car paint – which one to choose?

The car care market offers us many products with different properties. Typically, the choice is limited to three basic types of coatings – ceramic, quartz or hybrid. The novelty, however, is the kevlar coating, which has gained great trust in a very short time. This is a real breakthrough in the world of ceramic coatings. It is cheaper, more effective and more durable than previously known solutions, and you can apply it yourself – which is extremely easy. Kevlar is one of the most durable materials that has been invented for military purposes – including the production of military helmets and bulletproof vests. Perfectly protects the car body against scratches, splashes and other mechanical damage. It is resistant to weather conditions and chemicals – including detergents, washing agents or salt, which we often deal with in winter. It has antistatic and hydrophobic properties, thanks to which it repels dirt from the car body. Protective coatings of car paint with Kevlar have a long service life, protecting the car body for many years.

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