Protection of the car's paintwork - Kevlar Coating

Protection of the car’s paintwork

Protection of the car’s paintwork

Have you picked up your new car straight from the showroom? Your emotions and excitement have yet to subside, and have you already noticed the first scratch on it? The paint of each car is exposed to many external factors – pebbles on the road, salt, UV rays, chemicals used during washing, branches. No wonder that minor imperfections appear on the car body in a very short time and the paintwork begins to lose depth.

If you want your car to always look like new, you need to protect the paintwork. The easiest and most effective way to do this is to opt for a protective coating.

Z securing the car’s paintwork

Protecting the paint coating of a new car is a very good solution. Why? Many people notice that the paintwork in new cars is not as hard as in the case of older models – scratches appear faster on it and it loses its shine and depth. This is because due to the new EU regulations, it is no longer allowed to use products containing lead and toluene in car painting. This means that the coating is no longer as weatherproof or scratch-resistant. An effective way to extend the durability of the paintwork, and thus the attractive appearance of the car, is to invest in a good quality protective coating. The additional layer, only a few microns thick, creates a kind of armor on the car’s body, isolating it from all harmful factors.

The protective coating protects the paint in several ways. First of all, thanks to its hardness, it reduces the risk of scratching or chipping. It has antistatic and hydrophobic properties, which means that water, mud and other debris do not stick to the surface of the car body. Thanks to this, it is easier to keep it clean, and visits to the car wash no longer have to be so frequent. The protective coating makes the varnish resistant to bird droppings, weather conditions and chemicals – including acid rain, road salt and detergents. Its anti-corrosion properties improve and it does not lose its color and depth in such a short time.

How to protect the car’s paintwork?

As you can see, there are many reasons why protecting your car’s paintwork with a special protective layer is an excellent idea. Can only new car owners decide on this solution? Of course not! Contrary to appearances, applying a protective coating does not always have to be associated with straining your home budget. Kevlar coating will appeal to drivers who value both product efficiency and affordability. This is a real breakthrough in the automotive world. Kevlar is one of the hardest materials available, used to make bulletproof vests, helmets or skis. It provides a more durable and longer paint protection than ceramic coatings, and is available at a much more affordable price. This is possible because you can apply the product yourself. Its application is not as difficult and time-consuming as in the case of a ceramic or quartz coating. No need to use the services of specialized employees significantly reduces the costs of the entire project. The effects after applying the coating are visible immediately – the varnish regains its depth and shine and gains greater resistance to mechanical damage and environmental factors. And most importantly, it’s protection that any driver can afford!

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