Protecting the paintwork of a new car with a ceramic coating - Kevlar Coating

Protecting the paintwork of a new car with a ceramic coating

Protecting the paintwork of a new car with a ceramic coating

Have you just picked up the new car you dreamed of so much? You would certainly like its shiny and smooth varnish and flawless appearance to please your eyes for as long as possible. Unfortunately, after the first wash, you can often notice the first scratches on a new car, which turns the original excitement into an unpleasant disappointment. In your case, it doesn’t have to be that way. All you need to do is take advantage of what the automotive market offers in terms of paint protection and care. What options do we have to choose from?

Z to protect the paintwork of a new car – why is it worth it?

Owners of new cars often share their observations that the body of their vehicles is definitely less durable than in older models. Is it just an impression? Well, it turns out that the paint in the new car is definitely weaker than its predecessors. This is due to EU laws that came into force some time ago. According to them, hardeners are no longer added to varnishes – for example those based on lead or toluene, which were responsible, among others, for their hardness. Water is used instead of these toxic compounds. And while it’s better for our environment, not so much for drivers’ pockets. Such a varnish is not resistant to scratches or external factors – even stronger rubbing with a cloth during washing may cause scratches. The owners of the detailing studio notice that new cars appear after two years of use with numerous chips, scratches and matting. And although polishing in such a situation can slightly improve the condition of the car body, it cannot be done very often. Should we accept the fact that our new car will lose its shine and impeccability every day? Of course not! Protective coatings were developed with such customers in mind. Protecting your new car’s paintwork with a special coating is the best you can do for your car.

Protecting the paint with a ceramic coating

Although the purchase of a new car is a considerable financial burden for most people, it is worth investing some more cash to properly protect the paint with a protective coating. What are the advantages of this solution?

First of all, it reduces the risk of mechanical damage to the car body, such as scratches, chipping or pitting. It protects car bodies against the negative effects of detergents, road salt or high temperature. Thanks to its hydrophobic properties, it makes it easier to keep the vehicle clean – dirt does not stick to the body so easily, which reduces the need for frequent visits to the car wash. People who have heard about ceramic protective coatings may think that providing such comprehensive protection costs several thousand zlotys. Not necessarily! Kevlar is an increasingly popular alternative to ceramics – it is one of the most durable materials, which is cheaper and has much better properties than traditional coatings. It was invented for military purposes – including the production of bulletproof vests. Therefore, it is distinguished by remarkable durability and resistance to external factors. It protects not only the car body, but also windows, plastics and its interior. It improves the depth of color and gives the varnish a shine. It prevents the formation of rust, scratches or salt pits – and it is almost three times cheaper than ceramics. This is possible due to the fact that it is distinguished by a very easy application that everyone can afford on their own. If you want to feel like you are picking up a new car from the showroom every day, Kevlar is just for you!

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