Protecting the paintwork for the winter - Kevlar Coating

Protecting the paintwork for the winter

Protecting the paintwork for the winter

The weather conditions in our latitude pose a real threat to the paintwork of your car. Snow, rain, frost or hail can cause serious damage to the car body. With the onset of winter, it is worth thinking about additional security for your car. How to do it effectively? It is worth betting on innovative technologies – we will take a closer look at them.

Protecting the paint for winter – why is it worth doing?

In winter, the car body is exposed to many negative external factors. When the temperature outside the window drops below zero, the varnish becomes more brittle and weakened, making it more susceptible to mechanical damage. In such a situation, a slight blow is enough for the paintwork to crack. Just scraping snow and frost on the car body can damage the paintwork. In winter, the roads are covered with salt and sand – although such measures are intended to protect our safety, they are very harmful to the car’s body. Salt and slush can penetrate under the paintwork, creating corrosion centers, and road sand leads to chipping and micro-damage. On the other hand, strong wind often causes branches or other objects to land on our car, which can also be a serious threat.

As you can see, winter is an extremely difficult time not only for drivers, but also for cars. No wonder so many people wonder how to effectively and comprehensively protect their vehicle against winter, so that it will enjoy the eyes of an attractive appearance and trouble-free use for as long as possible.

How to effectively protect the varnish for winter ?

The most effective way to protect the paintwork for the winter is to invest in an additional protective coating. Why? Because it provides comprehensive protection against what awaits our car in winter – that is, against the harmful effects of road salt, low temperatures and mechanical damage. We have several products to choose from, differing in price and properties, among other things. A popular solution is a ceramic coating – it is chosen by demanding drivers who are looking for a high level of protection for the car’s body. Thanks to it, the car paintwork acquires a noticeable shine and color depth, and it is much easier to keep it clean. However, traditional ceramic coatings, despite their high price, do not provide 100% protection against pitting substances and against low temperatures.

There is, however, an innovative product on the market, based on a completely new technology, i.e. kevlar. It is one of the most durable materials in the world – it is used, among others, in the production of bulletproof vests, helmets and helmets as well as skis. It is extremely hard, durable and resistant – both to weather conditions and chemicals. It comprehensively protects not only the vehicle body, but also windows, plastics and the interior of the car. Thanks to its hydrophobic properties, it helps to keep the car clean. It protects the car’s paint not only in winter, but all year round. Thanks to the additional coating, we will not have to worry about its condition for several years. Although kevlar provides better and longer protection against environmental factors than ceramics, it will not ruin your home budget. It is a very economical solution – even 3 times cheaper than traditional ceramic coatings. The lower price is due, among other things, to the possibility of self-coating on the car body.

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