What is ceramic coating - Means to protect car paint protection - Kevlar Coating

Means to protect car paint protection

Means to protect car paint protection

What is ceramic coating – The paintwork of each car is constantly exposed to the harmful effects of weather conditions and mechanical damage. Acid rain, solar radiation in summer, road salt in winter, bird droppings, pebbles on the road, falling branches, washing detergents – the list of factors negatively affecting the condition of the car body could be multiplied. No wonder paint protection is such a challenge. However, new technologies come to the rescue of drivers. & Nbsp;

O protects car paint – why is it worth doing?

Although not everyone is aware of this, car paint wears out. After picking up the car from the showroom, we admire its brilliance, depth of color and smoothness, but over time, various chemical reactions take place on its surface. When the varnish begins to oxidize, it becomes dull and loses its intensity. Not to mention scratches and scratches that can appear after a few days of using a new car. Taking all these factors into account, it is very practical to take steps to protect your car paint. The more so as the automotive market offers a wide range of products tailored to the abilities and needs of drivers.

One option is waxing – usually it is recommended to do it at least twice a year. Waxes are resistant to high temperatures, protecting the car bodies from UV rays. Another solution is to cover the car body with a protective film, which protects it against weather conditions and minor scratches – but it is quite an expensive procedure.

Ś car paint protection agents

People who value comfort and reliable solutions more and more often decide to use a durable protective coating. After applying a thin layer of the preparation on the car body for several years, we do not have to worry about the condition of the paint. The durability of this product is therefore much longer than that of classic waxes. Durable protective coatings also provide better protection against weather conditions and scratches. They are much harder and more durable than protective films. On the market, we can find 3 basic types of coatings – hybrid, quartz and ceramic. The complete novelty, however, is the Kevlar coating. Which solution to bet on?

Ceramic coatings are durable, providing an exceptionally good degree of paint protection, which lasts up to 5 years. This is a proposal for slightly more demanding customers who are determined to spend a significant amount of money on securing their car. The cost of such a service is an expense of several thousand zlotys – the price is influenced, among others, by the need to use the services of professionals when applying the coating. Quartz is a much cheaper option. It provides more durable protection than wax and stays on the car body for up to a year. Protects car bodies against weather conditions and scratches. The hybrid, on the other hand, is something like a combination of ceramics and quartz.

The last type of protective coating is Kevlar. It is a polymer, currently recognized as one of the hardest materials in the world – it is used to make bulletproof vests, skis and military helmets. It is resistant to damage, and at the same time extremely light – it weighs 5 and a half times less than steel. It protects the varnish against mechanical damage, including scratches, chipping or pitting. It shows extremely high resistance to chemicals – for example acid rain, road salt or detergents used for washing. It is distinguished by antistatic and hydrophobic properties, i.e. dirt-repellent. Since Kevlar is better and more durable than the rest of the coatings, does it cost a fortune? Well no! Contrary to appearances, it is a very economical solution, among others because the application of the preparation is extremely easy and you can do it yourself, reducing the cost of the service.

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