How to protect the windows in the car? - Kevlar Coating

How to protect the windows in the car?

How to protect the windows in the car?

How to protect the windows in the car?

Windows in the car are exposed to the harmful effects of stones and other chippings while driving. Even the smallest parts can cause great damage and lead to serious damage. So let’s decide to use a special glass protection, which is a Kevlar coating. & Nbsp;

Kevlar shell – the most important information & nbsp;

Any scratches and damage have a very negative effect on the appearance of all vehicles. Therefore, it is so important to protect them against such effects. One of the more effective solutions is a special Kevlar coating. & Nbsp;

Kevlar is a material that is used primarily in the military and space industries. It was invented in 1965 in a laboratory in DuPont by a Polish chemist. It is distinguished by very high durability and strength, which is why it has also been used in the automotive industry. A special coating that can be applied to the vehicle protects it against various scratches and abrasions. Compared to other similar materials, Kevlar is much harder. & Nbsp;

It is worth noting that Kevlar is fully resistant to various chemicals. Thanks to this, the vehicle that is secured with it can be washed in ordinary car washes. A very important point to mention is that the Kevlar coating is very easy to apply. Protection with ceramics or foil must be made by a professional company, while the Kevlar coating can be made by yourself. It is also a big saving. & Nbsp;

Why is it worth protecting the car?

It is very important to protect your car from stones and chips. High-quality coatings increase the hardness and also improve the appearance of the paintwork. It is worth noting that they have a hydrophobic effect, which additionally deepens the color. In addition, solutions of this type provide great protection against various environmental factors and against UV rays. & Nbsp;

Applying a Kevlar coating on a car guarantees the highest protection against defects for the next few years. Thanks to it, the car is completely safe, and the paint will look perfect despite the chipping and stones. It is an excellent proposition not only for cars that operate in difficult conditions, but for everyone. & Nbsp;

Kevlar shell and other solutions

Many people decide to apply a protective film or a special ceramic coating to protect their car from splinters. For one thing, these solutions are inferior to the use of a Kevlar coating. The coating can first of all be topped up locally, which is not possible with other solutions. This is a very important point. As mentioned before, the Kevlar coating can be applied alone, unlike other protective materials. It is available at a much lower price. & Nbsp;

When thinking about the use of car protection, it is worth focusing on proven solutions, such as Kevlar coating. This material is widely used and has been recognized in many areas. It is also used to make bulletproof vests and protective helmets. As mentioned earlier, it is used not only in the military industry, but also in many other fields. For example, skis are made of it. Kevlar is a very solid and resistant material. One of the leaders in the production of materials protecting the car body is the popular Fortador company. & Nbsp;

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