Ceramic coating DIY kit - Kevlar Coating

How to protect the paint of a car yourself?

How to protect the paint of a car yourself?

Ceramic coating DIY kit – The car body is exposed to a wide range of environmental factors, such as weather conditions, temperature, ground chips and hot asphalt. They first negatively affect the paintwork, can damage its surface and then lead to corrosion. This exposes each driver to additional and completely unnecessary costs. It follows that it is worth taking care of the best condition of the varnish coat, which protects the car body from rusting. What can I protect my car’s paint with? Wax, polish, kevlar, what can detailers? Find out more in this article!

Autopoly in practice

The agent of this type is in the form of a milk, which is extremely easy to apply. You can easily spread it on the varnish surface. The preparation will mask minor imperfections and give the surface a noticeable shine. Better products also reduce the formation of car scratches. The polish often also contains waxes, which additionally protect the body against asphalt melting, as well as the action of mineral salts from, among others, precipitation. Waxes stay on the body for a very long time, thanks to which such an addition in polishes significantly extends their durability.

Detailers for varnish

The preparations are slightly more specialized than car polishes. Similarly, they are enriched with waxes and give shine. However, they are much more expensive than them. Quality goes hand in hand with the price. Detailers are very easy to apply and reduce the likelihood of scratches. Usually they can be purchased in the form of an atomizer, which means that the application takes several minutes depending on the size of the vehicle. It is enough to apply it to the varnish and treat it with a microfiber cloth.

Detailers have hydrophobic properties which make water run over the surface of the paintwork. This reduces the formation of stains and pits from mineral salts, which are characteristic of precipitation. However, detailers are only an addition to the freshly applied wax layer.

Automotive waxes, polymers and Kevlar

Car waxes are essential when it comes to paint safety. They provide comprehensive protection against UV rays as well as minor scratches. They also have shining and hydrophobic properties characteristic of polishes and detailers. However, only polymer coatings protect varnishes against scratches. In this aspect, ceramics is one of the most popular solutions. The problem, however, is a very high price, often exceeding several thousand, and the need to use the services of a specialist.

This is why many drivers are now starting to use Kevlar coatings. Until recently, this material was used in the production of bulletproof vests and helmets. It is extremely durable and protects practically 100% against scratches. Additionally, you can apply it yourself without any problems. Just follow the steps in the instructions attached to the product by the manufacturer. Kevlar also has a very long service life and is almost three times cheaper in most cases than ceramic coatings.

Is kevlar and waxing worthwhile?

Definitely yes! If you only care about the comprehensive protection of the paintwork, the Kevlar coating with wax will perfectly complement each other. The polymer will provide the car body with scratch resistance and fusing asphalt, while the wax will reduce the influence of rain, temperature, moisture and other environmental factors. It is also worth mentioning that Kevlar can also be used as an independent paint protection.

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