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How much does a ceramic coating cost for a car?

How much does a ceramic coating cost for a car?

The ceramic coating protects the car paintwork and helps keep it clean. Although it is invisible to the naked eye, it protects car bodies against the negative effects of UV rays, aggressive chemicals, weather conditions and mechanical damage. Its advantage is not only practical reasons – the ceramic coating deepens the brilliance and color of the paint, making the car look as if it has just left the showroom. What is the cost of such a venture and are there any alternatives?

How much does a ceramic coating cost for a car?

Ceramic coating seems to be an ideal solution, so does it have any disadvantages? Very often the spell breaks when we find out its cost. How much are we talking about here? Unfortunately, sometimes even 4-5 thousand. zlotys. The price of the service very often includes a detailed detailing washing, a report on the condition of the paint, and even its correction. The application of the ceramic coating itself is quite complicated and time-consuming – it requires appropriate conditions and equipment. Most often it is applied evenly using the spray method. The cost of the service is therefore influenced not only by the price of the product itself, but also the professionalism of the service and the time devoted to comprehensive car protection. Interestingly, the application of the ceramic coating can take up to several days.

As you can see, securing a car with ceramics is quite an expensive undertaking. Although many people dream of such comprehensive protection of their car, they are not able to spend so much money on it. So are there any alternatives? Quartz is considered a cheaper option, but it does not provide such a high level of protection and its service life is only one year. Coatings with Kevlar are new to our market. They guarantee excellent paint protection – even better than the popular ceramics – and are available at very affordable prices. What is worth knowing about them?

Kevlar – what is it and how much does it cost?

Kevlar is one of the most durable materials available in the world. It was developed in 1974 for the needs of the military, including the production of bulletproof vests and military helmets. Currently, it is also used in the inner shell of skis, kayaks, trampolines and parts of the armor of aircraft carriers. Kevlar body protection coatings are a real breakthrough in the automotive world. Unlike quartz and ceramics, they are resistant to chemicals – especially strong detergents used in car washes and road salt, which promotes corrosion. They protect the paint against scratches and splashes – and last longer than ceramics.

Kevler is not only very durable and has a long service life, but also has water-repellent and antistatic properties. This means that it repels dirt and debris, making the car much easier to keep clean. This reduces the need for frequent car washing. Kevlar gives the varnish gloss and depth of color, thanks to which it looks like new. It can be applied not only to car bodies, but also to windows, plastics, rims, and even the interior of the car. How is it possible that it is much cheaper than ceramics, despite such comprehensive protection? The product itself is available at a lower price, but the biggest savings are related to the coating application itself. The process is so easy that each driver can apply the product to the surface of his car on his own. No need to use professional services significantly reduces the cost of the entire investment.

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