Protective coatings for cars, coating car vehicle - Kevlar Coating

Effective protection of car paint.

Effective protection of car paint.

Protective coatings for cars, coating car vehicle. Paint loss and damage are one of the most common problems – both in modern and older cars. They affect the appearance of the car very badly, as well as its market value. Neither of these phenomena is desired by car owners. Fortunately, modern technology comes to our aid – that is, the possibility of applying a ceramic coating. This alone is an effective layer of protection against damage – so let’s imagine what it would be like to add Kevlar to it!

How are standard automotive ceramics applied?

In order to apply classic car ceramics, we have to go to the detailing salon. There, specialists will thoroughly clean the surface of our varnish – they will remove permanent dirt from it and polish it. Then – using an appropriate technique – the ceramic coating will be applied and distributed. This must be done quickly and evenly, because when the solvent evaporates, the ceramics are very difficult to remove.

This is the main risk of using it, and why you should not do it yourself.

Why is Kevlar the perfect addition to this mix?

Kevlar ceramics works on a slightly different principle. The strength of the protective coating is not based on the hardness – characteristic of ceramics – but on the mechanical resistance that characterizes Kevlar. This one is very tall. Therefore, this material is used, for example, in the sails of high-performance yachts, for the production of bulletproof vests or just as protection for military vehicles.

What are the benefits for the car owner?

The specificity of Kevlar means that car owners enjoy two main benefits. First of all – high resistance to mechanical damage (abrasions, scratches, bruises, etc.) and chemical or degradation (rust, paint loss or delamination). Second – the possibility of self-coating the car body.

As we mentioned – the Kevlar coating is not characterized by great hardness, but simply by mechanical strength. Thanks to this, it is much easier to evenly distribute it over the surface of the varnish than in the case of classic ceramics and we can do it on our own – without having to visit the salon and without polishing. It is enough to prepare the paint and then apply Kevlar inside and outside the car!

Characteristics of a ceramic Kevlar coating – what else is worth knowing about it?

Unlike protective films or classic ceramics – the protective Kevlar coating is not susceptible to damage or decomposition in contact with automotive chemicals. So we can go to the car wash as often as we want. This will in no way affect the durability of this solution. This one – as it turns out – is quite large.

How long does kevlar ceramics last?

The Kevlar coating is currently one of the best solutions on the market that protect the car paint for a long period of time. Standard ceramics do this for about half a year. In turn, the foil allows you to obtain protection for up to two years. In the case of a modern Kevlar coating, a few years is only a minimum.

More importantly, the cost of applying a protective layer of Kevlar to a car is very cheap and can be as much as 1% of its value. This means that in the long run, we can actually save – because we will not have to replace or paint metal body parts.

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