Comparison of kevlar and foil - Kevlar Coating

Comparison of kevlar and foil

Comparison of kevlar and foil

Securing the car body is extremely important. Many drivers believe that it is enough to wax the whole thing and mask small defects in the paint with the help of detailers or auto-cosmetics. Unfortunately, nothing could be more wrong. The coating begins to deteriorate over time and also loses its service life. Everything starts to dull and even rust with time.

For this reason, it is worth considering how to protect it from harmful atmospheric and environmental factors. In practice, it is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need is a bit of a financial contribution, as well as the selection of appropriate security. Here, however, another issue arises. Bet on traditional car foil, or maybe Kevlar, which has been recently available on the market? Find out more in this article!

Car foiling

It is a great way to protect the body from corrosion, and one of the more economical. An additional layer on the car body reduces the negative influence of weather conditions, and also reduces the possibility of moisture penetrating the structure and, over time, rust formation. The foil prevents the action of mineral salts and, to a small extent, the fusing of the hot asphalt. Unfortunately, it cannot be compared to quartz coatings, let alone & nbsp; ceramic. It is worth mentioning that the purchase of such protection is quite cheap compared to better coatings, but definitely less effective. So why not consider a cheaper but definitely more effective solution?

Foil or kevlar?

Here the answer is not unequivocal. Drivers always try to choose proven methods that they know. Therefore, to protect the varnish, coating with ceramics, quartz or the aforementioned foil is still a popular method. As a rule, all these coatings require the assistance of a specialist, which additionally increases costs. However, it is worth considering trying out Kevlar in this aspect. This material has been available for sale recently. This is due to the fact that for many years it was used only for military purposes. This type of polymer was used to create, among others, anti-tank and reinforced glass, bulletproof vests and tactical helmets. Often times, Kevlar can stop a ballistic missile fired from low-caliber weapons. Then, what is interesting, it found its way to the ski industry, and is now used as a body protection.

Why is kevlar an ideal alternative to foil?

There are several reasons for this. The first one is definitely the price issue. The cost of kevlar is several times lower than in the case of foil, ceramics and quartz. Additionally, it can be applied to the car body 100% independently. It is enough to follow the instructions, and the whole operation should take each driver a maximum of one afternoon. In addition, Kevlar coatings are characterized by a very long life. This means that you do not have to repeat the entire procedure every few years. Kevlar protects the body not only against rain and chemicals. It also protects against scratches, which is extremely important. Properly applied, it can reduce the possibility of deeper scratches, and thus virtually 100% eliminate the resulting corrosion.

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