Comparison of kevlar and ceramics - Kevlar Coating

Comparison of kevlar and ceramics

Comparison of kevlar and ceramics

Recently, a completely new type of car paint protection has appeared on the market. So far, drivers have mainly used auto-cosmetics such as wax or detailers, as well as quartz coatings and ceramics. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Currently, however, kevlar is increasingly used in practice. This material significantly reduces the possibility of scratching, as well as the influence of unfavorable environmental factors, such as rain, mineral salts or molten asphalt. Is kevlar a better alternative to ceramics? Is it worth protecting the varnish with a Kevlar coating? Find out in this article!

Why are drivers still using ceramics?

Mainly because it is one of the most frequently used solutions from the perspective of car paint protection. In addition, over the years, it was the only protective measure more effective than less durable quartz coatings. A very big disadvantage of ceramics is its very high price. The cost of the product is several thousand zlotys, including the services of a specialist who will use it to protect the body of the car. Kevlar, on the other hand, is several times cheaper than the ceramic coating and you can apply it to the varnish yourself.

Is it worth choosing the most popular solution?

Not necessarily, because ceramics is not a bad choice, but why overpay for it? Kevlar is a very durable protection which has one of the better degrees of protection comparable to the ceramic coating. In both cases, the protective layer gives the varnish a visible shine and emphasizes the color. In terms of parameters, the ceramics are similar to Kevlar from practically every angle, but at the same time much more expensive.

What is a ceramic coating and what does it look like?

Ceramics make the car look as if it has been covered with a thin layer of glass. In addition, it makes the varnish glossy and facilitates care. Thanks to this, taking care of the condition of the car body requires much less time during each washing and applying auto-cosmetics. In addition, polishing and waxing is much faster, and the noticeable effects are much longer. Removal of asphalt embedded in the varnish is easier and does not require too much energy. It is worth mentioning that pitting of this type without proper paint protection is sometimes impossible to remove.

Kevlar as an alternative to a ceramic coating

This material is considered to be one of the most durable on the market. Besides, with good reason, as until recently it was used for military purposes. Kevlar was developed at the end of the 20th century for military purposes. Until now, Kevlar fibers are used in the production of bulletproof vests. In addition, they are also used in skiing as edge reinforcement for individual skis. Kevlar is an excellent choice where the highest possible durability of products is required. In addition, this polymer has a long service life, so it does not have to be regularly reapplied to the car body. In addition, it limits mechanical damage, including scratches, which can be extremely dangerous for & nbsp; varnish. As a rule, a small but deep scratch is enough for the entire element to corrode over time.

Kevlar or ceramics?

Everything depends in this aspect on the individual preferences of the driver, as well as his budget. Whenever we do not have time to protect the car ourselves, we can go to the painter and ask him to cover the paint with ceramics. However, nothing prevents you from buying the right product and asking a specialist to perform the service using Kevlar. Unlike ceramics, Kevlar is not only the cheapest but also resistant to chemicals. Thanks to this, the vehicle will not require frequent waxing, as well as the application of auto-cosmetics. Just do this once in a while to refresh its appearance a bit.

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