"Ceramics" - what is the use of a ceramic coating on a car paint - Kevlar Coating

“Ceramics” – what is the use of a ceramic coating on a car paint

“Ceramics” – what is the use of a ceramic coating on a car paint

Ceramic coating is a growing trend among car detailing services. For what reasons is it worth choosing this method? The ceramic layer works comprehensively – it not only protects the car paint, but also significantly improves the visual condition of your vehicle.

What do you gain by investing in ceramics?

Applying a ceramic coating to the car body brings many benefits – from protecting the paint against micro-scratches to better car appearance. Due to this one-time expense, the car is easier to maintain and more resistant to adverse external factors. Thanks to ceramics, you can easily keep your car in great condition, and its protection can last up to nine years. Still undecided? Check out the advantages of this method below!

Mirror effect

The body covered with ceramics perfectly reflects light and makes the car literally shine. In addition, ceramics deepen the shade of the paintwork, which is especially noticeable with vivid colors. Result? Expressive, glossy varnish, even for many years.

Stain resistance

The coating is highly resistant to UV rays, which reduces the susceptibility of the varnish to fading. This feature is especially useful if you do not have the option of parking your car. Ceramics also protects against discoloration caused by strong chemicals or bird droppings. After investing in a ceramic coating, the service of vehicle recoating is a thing of the past!

Corrosion protection

Road salt, which is used in winter, accelerates the formation of corrosion which leads to costly cavities to be removed. How to protect your car against them? The ceramic layer prevents salt deposition and the car body is less prone to rusting.

Strengthening car paint

The ceramic coating protects the actual paintwork against mechanical damage and allows for easy removal of scratches from the surface of the car. It is resistant to abrasion, chipping and scratching, caused by sand, stones, branches, etc. Increases resistance to microcracks and makes larger cavities easy to remove – you only need to complete the coating in a car detailing salon.

Ease of cleaning and fewer visits to the car wash

Even a new car can look unsightly – all because of dirt, dust or stains. The ceramic layer, thanks to its hydrophobic properties, reflects dirt and dirt, which makes it easier to keep the car clean. Trips outside the city do not have to involve thorough cleaning of the vehicle – dirt on the ceramic coating can also be effectively removed with water.


You will surely appreciate the high comfort of using a car covered with ceramics. Depending on the selected preparation, you get a warranty for two, four or nine years. During this period, the only actions you need to take to maintain the properties of the coating are periodic maintenance – and nothing else.

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