Ceramics for car paint - Kevlar Coating

Ceramics for car paint

Ceramics for car paint

Ceramic coatings have been very popular for many years. They are eagerly used to protect the car body against weather conditions, scratches and splashes. Their hydrophobic properties are highly valued, thanks to which the car is more resistant to dirt. It is also impossible not to mention the shine they provide to the varnish. And although the ceramic coating is a great way to comprehensively protect your car, not everyone can afford it due to the high price. So are there any alternatives? Of course! Kevlar coatings are a completely new product on our market.

What is kevlar?

Kevlar is a polymer used to spun synthetic fibers of extraordinary strength. It was invented in 1965 for military purposes – it is used in helmets, helmets, bulletproof vests, inner skis, kayaks and parts of the armor of aircraft carriers. It has found such a wide application in many areas of life, including due to its strength, wear resistance and relatively low weight – it is 5 and a half times lighter than steel. These properties make it ideal as a protective coating to protect the paint. It is even considered a reinforced standard of ceramic coating, because it protects car bodies for longer and better than traditional ceramic, quartz or hybrid coatings.

Moreover, it can be used not only to protect the paintwork, but also other elements of the car, such as windows, plastics, rims and even the interior of the car. The effects after its application are visible immediately – the varnish gains a deep color and shine, and is more resistant to mechanical damage and environmental factors. Kevlar is hydrophobic and antistatic – this means that it repels dirt, water and dirt that does not stick to the car body. Cleaning such a surface is simpler and requires less time, reducing the need for waxing or polishing.

Ceramics for car paint or Kevler?

Although Kevlar is sometimes confused with ceramics, it surpasses it in several respects. First of all, it has better properties – it protects the car body not only against minor scratches and high temperature. It prevents the formation of salt pits and rust and is resistant to chemicals – including detergents used in car washes. It is also a much more economical solution – the cost of applying Kevlar is about 3 times less than that of ceramics. This is due not only to the fact that the product itself is available at a more affordable price, but its application is not as complicated and time-consuming as a ceramic coating. Thanks to this, each driver can decide to impose it himself, and the lack of the need to use the services of professionals means lower costs. Applying a Kevlar coating is not difficult at all and almost every car enthusiast can handle it.

These innovative coatings also provide a longer service life than ceramics. In the latter case, it is about 5-6 years – Kevlar guarantees even longer protection of the secured elements. When deciding on this solution, you can be calm about your varnish for at least a few to several seasons. Is kevlar a good option? Definitely yes, if only high quality and affordable price counts for you.

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