Ceramic protection of car paint against scratches - Kevlar Coating

Ceramic protection of car paint against scratches

Ceramic protection of car paint against scratches

Even on the most well-kept car scratches appear over time. This problem also applies to extremely careful drivers who treat their cars as a real treasure. They can arise as a result of improper washing – a pressure washer or a too rough sponge can scratch the paint of our car in just a few seconds. The car is exposed to mechanical damage every day. Falling tree branches, rough road sand or pebbles from under the wheel of another car, not to mention the inattention of other drivers – for example, in a supermarket parking lot. Are there any ways to protect the car body from unsightly scratches? Of course you are!

Protecting the paint against scratches – why is it worth it?

Minor scratches, delicate abrasions or deeper scratches can evoke strong emotions in drivers – especially in new cars, recently picked up from the showroom. However, they are not only an aesthetic question. In fact, any paint chips are a serious hazard and should not be ignored. They can contribute to the formation of rust outbreaks, which, when it settles down, even “devour” the body of our car. And although there are many ways to remove scratches, most of them are quite invasive, and the car body will never look like new after such intervention. A much better way is to prevent scratches and chipping. Especially new cars are exposed to mechanical damage because their paintwork is not as hard as in the case of older cars. This is related to, among other things, EU regulations that prohibit the use of hardening substances such as lead or toulene, and water-based varnishes are used instead.

Protecting car paint – how to do it?

The best way to protect your car paint is with an additional protective coating. It protects the car body in several ways. Thanks to its hardness, it reduces the risk of chipping and scratching. It improves anti-corrosion properties, so road salt and strong detergents used in car washes are not such a big threat to the vehicle. Ceramic coatings also have hydrophobic properties, which make dirt and debris run off the surface of the car body and prevent them from sticking to it. Thanks to this, it is much easier to keep the car clean, removing dirt becomes easier and faster and you do not have to visit the car wash so often. They protect against UV radiation and negative weather conditions. Protective coatings also improve the aesthetic value of the varnish – they bring out the depths of it, making it glassy and thus more attractive. However, there are several types of protective coatings on the market – including quartz or ceramics. For some time now, a Kevlar coating is also available in Poland, which is a breakthrough in the automotive world.

Ceramic lacquer protection with Kevlar

Kevlar is a novelty on our market, which quickly gained the trust of many drivers. Why? First of all, it is one of the hardest known materials in the world. Therefore, it provides extremely effective protection against scratches and other mechanical damage – better than popular ceramic coatings. It is resistant to weather conditions, chemicals and road salt, protecting car bodies against corrosion. Contrary to appearances, the application of a protective coating with Kevlar does not have to ruin the home budget – thanks to the fact that it is easy, almost everyone can decide to apply the product on their own. This significantly reduces the cost of the entire project. Kevlar offers an even greater degree of protection for a longer period of time and is available at very affordable prices – the best choice to protect your paintwork from scratches.

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