Ceramic glass coatingCeramic glass coating for car paint - Kevlar Coating

Ceramic glass coating for car paint

Ceramic glass coating for car paint

Issues such as weather conditions and the technical condition of the car are crucial for road safety. Sometimes, however, seemingly trivial details – for example, the cleanliness of car windows also affect the safety of the driver and passengers. According to some tests, dirty windows in a car can double the likelihood of an accident. However, there are effective ways to keep them in good condition less of a challenge.

Ceramic coating for car paint and more

Ceamic glass coating – car windows are exposed to many unfavorable factors. Wind, rain, dried mud or traces of insects cause stains and streaks that are difficult to remove. Often at the turn of winter and spring we deal with melting snow and salt on the roads. The glass is also exposed to mechanical damage – sand, tree branches or small pebbles can cause scratches, scratches or even cracks. Driving with dirty or opaque windows is very dangerous – especially in the evening or in the morning, when the position of the sun blinds the driver and increases the likelihood of light reflection. Not only the windshield should be kept clean – dirty side windows make it difficult to use the mirrors, which can lead to loss of traffic observation. So how to take care of their condition in a comprehensive manner? The best solution would be to visit the car wash several times a week, but it would take a lot of time and resources. People who value their time and money, and safety is their priority, more and more often decide to apply a protective coating not only to the paintwork, but also to the car windows. It is an economical solution that guarantees comprehensive protection of the car.

Ceramic coating for glass – what is worth knowing?

Ceramic coatings can be used not only on varnish, but also on other elements, such as gaskets, reflectors, plastics or just windows. Their advantage is hydrophobic properties, i.e. the ability to repel dirt and water particles. Thanks to them, dirt is less deposited on a given surface, which reduces the need for frequent visits to the car wash.

The application of a protective coating to car windows brings many advantages – first of all, it protects against the appearance of scratches and scratches and helps to keep them clean. However, in order to enjoy lasting results, the type of coating must be carefully selected. The automotive market offers us many products that differ not only in price but also in properties. A novelty that stands out from popular solutions is the Kevlar coating. It is one of the most durable materials available and is used in the production of bulletproof vests or military helmets. It is five and a half times lighter than steel and resistant to chemical and mechanical damage. It has hydrophobic and antistatic properties. Kevlar is a coating available at very competitive prices – unlike traditional ceramic coatings, it won’t ruin your budget. What’s more, you can apply it yourself, which is extremely easy and allows you to reduce the cost of the entire process. However, Kevlar is not only cheaper than traditional solutions, but also provides better and more durable protection.

The ceramic coating with Kevlar on the windows is used to increase the safety and comfort of driving. It protects the windows against any dirt that may settle on them while driving. This is a comprehensive way to protect the car and a transparent view for a long time!

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