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Ceramic coating on a car – is it worth investing in?

Ceramic coating on a car – is it worth investing in?

Do you want to strengthen the body and avoid microcracks? Or maybe you are fed up with stubborn dirt on the paintwork? Ceramics seems to be the answer to your needs. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just bought a new car or want to protect your existing car. Ceramic coating is not reserved only for buyers of a car straight from the showroom – it is perfect for securing both new and used cars.

How does it work?

What exactly is the concept of a ceramic coating? Ceramics is a synthetic polymer that, after application, bonds with the outer layer of varnish and protects it against damage. It creates a hydrophobic layer on its surface, which is responsible for preventing dirt and dust from remaining on the surface of the car, which has a positive effect on the appearance of the car. Is the ceramic coating an irreplaceable solution to protect the car paint? Below, we’ll take a look at what having ceramics on your car really means.

What should I know about the ceramic coating?

The reason why drivers choose ceramics is the ability to keep the car in perfect condition for longer. Even a few years after the application, the vehicle may look like it has just been picked up from the dealer. Customers describe the ceramic-coated body as glassy and glossy. The coating is also highly resistant to atmospheric and chemical factors (changing weather, bird droppings, etc.), and thanks to its insensitivity to solar radiation, it also protects the varnish against fading. A water-repellent layer with dirt and water-repellent properties makes the car easier to keep clean and thus enhances the spectacular visual effect.
The task of ceramics is also protection against micro-scratches and spatter. After being applied to the top coat, it bonds with it and increases its strength. As a result, the reinforced car body is less likely to be scratched and corroded.

The first doubts may appear at the price of the service. The application of ceramics is not the cheapest car-detailing treatment, especially if you decide on a high-quality product. Keep in mind that the ceramic coating can create difficulties when you try to apply it yourself, so it is better to make an appointment with an experienced service center. Additional costs are also generated by preparing the car before applying the preparation – it is necessary to polish the paint beforehand and remove scratches and dents. Otherwise, the treatment will emphasize the imperfections of the car body, making the car look unsightly.
The condition of the long-term operation of the coating is proper handling of the car and periodic warranty inspections, during which the condition of the ceramics is checked and any losses are filled. It is important to properly clean the vehicle and avoid automatic car washes, which by the use of harsh chemicals and hard brushes can permanently damage the ceramics.

A well-maintained ceramic coating will give many years of paint protection and a great car appearance. It is obvious that if you focus on high-quality protection, you have to take into account considerable costs. Is this a service worth the investment? The decision is yours.

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