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Ceramic coating – how to care for it?

Ceramic coating – how to care for it?

Have you just picked up a car from a car-detailer? From now on, it is important to make a few changes to the daily use of your car. The article will introduce you to the basic rules of handling the coating so that you can enjoy the great look of your car as long as possible.

Care of ceramics step by step

When caring for a ceramic coating, you should remember a few most important rules that can significantly affect its lifetime. By following the guidelines below, you will keep the ceramic layer in a very good condition for many years.

Adequate washing

Ceramics doesn’t like automatic car washes. Washing brushes installed in them may cause mechanical scratching of the coating, especially when combined with strong chemicals. A safe choice is a touchless or manual car wash, and the use of shampoos adapted to ceramics, which, however, is associated with a higher cost of the service. It is worth recalling the properties of the coating, which is less deposition of impurities. As a result, the car needs to be washed less often and dirt can be removed even with just water.

Shell maintenance

As you probably learned before applying the coating – ceramics protects the right car paint, but does not completely protect against scratches. Shallow scratches, however, appear on the top layer of the car, in this case on the ceramics. Supplementing the coating causes the complete disappearance of microcracks, without the need to repaint damaged elements or additional bodywork. Maintenance is carried out depending on the needs in a professional service.

Warranty inspections

The routine of the owner of a vehicle covered with a ceramic coating should include periodic inspections, the frequency of which is provided for in the warranty (usually the inspection should be performed once or twice a year). Checking the condition of the ceramics allows for many years of use and maintaining effective protection of the car body.

Deep Clean

If you notice a diminished effect of the hydrophobic layer, it is a sign that it requires the use of special “resetting” shampoos. Clogging of the coating results from the build-up of mineral deposits, e.g. during improper care or simply after repeated use of so-called hard water for washing. Restoring the original properties of ceramics is a multi-stage activity that you will perform in a car-detailing salon. The method is based on the strong cleaning of the layer from scale deposits using preparations dedicated to cars with ceramic coatings.

Protection against bad weather

The weather in Poland has a negative effect on the condition of both the car body and ceramics. The occurrence of precipitation, high and low temperatures may shorten the life of the ceramic coating and make the car run faster. The best solution in this situation, although not accessible to all drivers, is to put the car in a garage. If the vehicle is protected against unfavorable weather conditions, the ceramics will stay on the car body much longer.

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