Ceramic coating? how much it costs and what factors influencing the price - Kevlar Coating

Ceramic coating? how much it costs and what factors influencing the price

Ceramic coating? how much it costs and what factors influencing the price

It is not difficult to get lost among the various offers of detailing salons. Many of them tempt car owners with a low price, but is it worth deciding on such proposals? Find out about the factors that determine the price of automotive ceramics and how to maintain an ideal value for money.

Reasonable price for ceramics

Two thousand, four, or maybe nine? Below we explain why the prices quoted on the Internet are completely different.

Dimensions of the car

It is obvious that you will pay a different price for the ceramic coating of the Mercedes GLS and Audi A3. This is just an example comparison, but it certainly allows you to imagine how much preparation (and time) it will take to perform the service in both cases.

Preparations used

To take the best care of your car paint, choose high-quality ceramics – of course, this involves greater expenses, but thanks to this, supplementing or re-application of the coating will not be necessary for a long time. How to recognize a good product? The longer the warranty period, the more certain you can be that you are dealing with an effective product.

Paint preparation

The costs of applying ceramics do not include any possible body refurbishment, filling the cavities and polishing the paintwork. Without such preparation, the ceramic coating, due to its light-reflecting properties, may look unsightly and emphasize dents and deeper scratches. This is an additional expense that should never be overlooked – even if you want to have your car secured straight from the dealership.

Shell Lifetime

Ceramics can be placed for a year, two or even nine years. Such a discrepancy is possible with the use of appropriate preparations available on the market. However, beware of low-end products with the shortest shelf life – such a coating may simply not perform any of the promised functions. The costs of maintenance and inspections according to the warranty conditions (usually one inspection per year) should also be added to the prices of ceramics.


Ceramic coatings are divided into protective and hydrophobic. The first, more expensive ones, are based on strengthening the paintwork and giving it a shine, while the second ones are a better solution to the problem of a dirty car and usually cost about a thousand to two thousand zlotys. You can also find variants that combine these two features, but usually they do not provide satisfactory results.

Cheaper doesn’t mean better

If you care about the long-term effect and securing the car, it is not worth saving when choosing a service. Low price offered by salons is often associated with the use of lower-quality products. It is not surprising that after such a service, the shell degrades much faster than declared during its application. Before visiting the showroom, it is worth getting acquainted with the top brands of ceramic coatings and looking for these products in auto detailers.

The method and accuracy of application also plays a significant role in the durability of the ceramics. Remember that the service should be carried out by an experienced detailer who knows the method of applying a ceramic coating from the lining.

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