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Ceramic car paint protection – advantages and disadvantages

Ceramic car paint protection – advantages and disadvantages

Have you made a decision to professionally protect your car against scratches? A durable and more and more widely used method is the application of a ceramic coating on the car body. On websites, ceramics is usually described in superlatives, but like any retailing service, it has both advantages and disadvantages. How exactly does the maintenance of a car with ceramics look like? In this article you will learn about the two sides of the coin of this popular method and dispel any doubts related to it.

Why is it worth choosing ceramics?

Starting with the advantages of the ceramic coating, the effect of glossy, glassy varnish should be mentioned without a doubt. The car seems to be more well-kept and looks like new for a long time. Moreover, the ceramics protects the varnish against early fading and discoloration.

The reason why car owners decide to apply ceramics is also to protect the paintwork against damage. The coating protects the car against minor scratches such as sand and stone chips and shallow scratches, and above all prevents scratches on the actual paintwork.

It is also worth deciding to apply the coating due to the ease of keeping the car paint clean. The ceramic coating creates a water-repellent layer that reduces dirt build-up and disperses water, making car wash visits less frequent. Once applied, the ceramic coating is almost maintenance-free – it provides protection from one to even several years, depending on the variant selected.

Disadvantages of the ceramic coating

Turning to the disadvantages of ceramics, one should pay attention to the need to polish the car, which is especially important in the case of already used cars. It is best if you entrust the polishing to a professional – then you will be sure that after applying the coating no cavities and scratches will be visible.

It is not true that ceramics completely protects the car body against mechanical damage – of course, it increases the durability of the paint, but it cannot be treated as an absolute protection against cavities.

Automatic car washes should be strictly avoided after applying ceramics to a car. Ceramics reacts with the strong detergents used there, which can deteriorate faster. In addition, it is advisable to use special hydrophobic unblocking shampoos from time to time and maintain the vehicle in the showroom to maintain the warranty.

What about costs?

The price is a subjective matter, therefore it is included in a separate category in the statement. The application of ceramics should take place in a specialized detailing service – securing the car in your own garage is very difficult or even impossible to do. In addition to the car-detailer service, the final price is also influenced by the brand and durability of the ceramics. There are variants of car protection available on the market for one or several years, and their cost changes in the same way as the protection period.

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