Car ceramics - the best way to protect the paintwork? - Kevlar Coating

Car ceramics – the best way to protect the paintwork?

Car ceramics – the best way to protect the paintwork?

Virtually every driver thinks over time how to provide the car body with adequate protection. This is mainly due to the fact that the varnish is exposed to a wide range of factors that adversely affect its life. This range includes mineral salts, water droplets remaining on the surface of the car, as well as mechanical damage such as scratches of various depths. In terms of paint protection, automotive ceramics are most often used. Is this the best way to protect the body today? What is the alternative to a ceramic coating? Find out right here!

Why is it worth considering car ceramics?

Mainly because every car requires additional paint protection. While driving, the body is exposed to practically everything that comes into contact with its surface. Many substances additionally settle on the vehicle and thus have a great influence over time on the paint structure. Characteristic in this aspect are pits made of hot asphalt, which are very difficult to remove if they melt into, for example, the bumper or the hood of a car. Ceramics, which is currently one of the best known methods of bodywork protection, protects against such a situation, as well as from mineral salts.

What is the biggest disadvantage of ceramics?

Unfortunately, this is mainly a fairly high price. The cost of making a ceramic coating, including the purchase of the product and the price of detailer services, is up to PLN 3,000. PLN depending on the preparation. In addition, the treatment must be repeated from time to time, which means that the same costs will be incurred again as before. Car ceramics protects against harmful weather conditions and environmental influences, however, it will not protect the paintwork against typically mechanical damage. This means that mineral salts will not destroy the body’s protective coating, but wrenches or other sharp objects will do the most.

Protecting the paint with Kevlar Coating

In this aspect, the solution is completely new, recently available on the market. This is mainly due to the fact that for a very long time this material was used only in the military industry. Kevlar produces extremely durable products that are both impact and scratch resistant. Coating is therefore used in the automotive industry. Preparations with the addition of this polymer reduce the risk of scratches and protect the paint against chemical and typical environmental factors.

What are Kevlar shells like?

Until recently, polymer was the staple in the production of armored glass, bulletproof vests and tactical helmets. Then it found a fairly popular application in skiing. Today, however, it is an increasingly popular solution in the automotive industry. Kevlar coatings are not only durable, but also much cheaper than, for example, ceramics. Covering the car with the preparation costs about a thousand zlotys. The price is therefore three times lower than in the case of ceramics. Why? The reason is that Kevlar can be applied to the vehicle by hand. A free afternoon or evening is enough for this.

What then to choose – Kevlar or car ceramics?

The choice depends on whether we have free time that we can devote to Kevlar. Polymer is certainly a much more interesting solution than ceramics, but we will not always have time to start the application. The biggest advantage is the definitely low price in relation to the possibilities. Car ceramics is also a good choice, but here you have to consider whether we can afford to spend 3,000 regularly. zlotys for a security that loses its properties over time and is susceptible to scratching?

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